Notes on repairs

You can download the repair form here, in which you can enter all important details.

Print the completed repair form and send it to us together with the device to be repaired. Please enclose the form with the defective device.

Think necessarily from completing the appropriate value of the device transport insurance and packing the device in a suitable padded and protected against external influences, neutral packaging.

Unfree abandoned packages will not be accepted. Free Home is an agreement between sender and recipient. The costs of shipping (and packaging) are payable by the sender of the goods.

Immediately after receipt of the device in our house (with an e-mail address), you will receive an e-mail confirmation of receipt.

The average repair time is about 5-7 working days after the receipt of the device in our house. It may be slightly longer during the holiday months. In any case, early submission helps to get back to a perfectly functioning device as soon as possible.

Please pay attention to !

For repairs, it is possible that the devices must be reset to factory settings, but made only after prior consultation with the client. Important data or user settings must be secured solely by the owner of the device.

Please keep in mind that to break the unit and possibly a partial repair is required to create the cost estimate.

By placing or returning the product our Conditions apply to be accepted.

We are looking forward to your order and will gladly carry it out for you.